Insurance Plans for
Accredited Businesses

Designed for members of the BBB

Accredited Businesses receive preferred rates on plans that are built specifically for their needs. No boiler plate plans - our program is designed to build a plan that is a perfect fit for you and your employees.

Whether you are self employed, or running a small business with up to 10 employees, we will protect you, your staff and your business.

Building is used to describe the relationship to small businesses and how plans are designed to affect small business.

Our plans are designed to help small businesses prosper and reduce very real risks.

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Our plans are suitable for groups as small as one employee or owner and have some of the best guarantees in the industry.

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Businesses 3 or more employees do not have to submit medical documents or evidence of good health.

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Our Extended Health Care alternatives include full Prescription Drug coverage, Dental, enhanced Emergency Out-of-province Medical benefits and Trip Cancelation Insurance.

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Special insurance benefits within our plans target small business owners with their unique needs and risks, including very affordable Life Insurance, Enhanced Critical Illness, Disability and Business Overhead protection.

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Claims and renewals are pooled to ensure fairness to all, create long term premiums stability and reduce the risk of unexpected and sometimes catastrophic claims, which are beyond your control.

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If you already have a plan, we can offer a free, no obligation second opinion, which will reduce both your risk and costs in most cases.

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If no coverage is in place, we’ll start from scratch and set things up the right way the first time. Your benefit plan will fit your specific needs, reduce your risk, and minimize cost going forward.

Our Plans are designed with small business in mind. We will protect you.